1 year Feuerbohne

We founded our collective organic food shop Feuerbohne one year ago and it went better than we had expected. We are very happy it’s acceptance and the success of our concept.
Our goal remains to offer good groceries at the lowest price possible. In this we are preferably working with small businesses and collectives and are constanstly on the look for good products like smoked tofu from the Tofumanufaktur or regional vegetables from Bienenwerder.
We consider our two-price-system as a success. This is why we decided to lower the reduced price. We hope to make shopping for people with a low income a little bit more affordable.

We are looking forward to many more years!

    who we are

Feuerbohne is an organic-shop-collective. We work on a shared and mutual basis. We want to make it possible for a larger amount of people to buy organic food. We believe that organic groceries should be traded regionally and fair, that they taste better and are more sustainable for nature and environment.

We do understand that organic food is not affordable for everyone. Therefore we have two price options: the solidarityprice and the reduced price. By paying the Soliprice you render it possible for people with less money to come to our shop. Some pay more, others pay less. We do believe that this can work.

If you want to choose the reduced price just tell us before paying or add one of the dark green cards to your shopping which you‘ll find at the counter. We don‘t want to see any documents as proof, but trust in your responsibility to decide weather you are able to pay more or less.